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Evening Dresses

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Evening Dress Occasions # 743 | Darlana

Dress Velvet Red Color
72.00 KWD

Model # 753

84.00 KWD

Model # 748

84.00 KWD

Model # 777

88.00 KWD

Elegant Evening Dress # 793| Darlana

Elegant Classic Dress
80.00 KWD

Model # 788

80.00 KWD

Model # 779

76.00 KWD

Model # 799

112.00 KWD

Evening Dress for excellence# 805| Darlana

Evening dress captures the attention of the distinctive feathers wonderful
88.00 KWD

Beauty Evening Dress # 798| Darlana

Handcrafted Beaded and Crystal Dress
84.00 KWD

Luxury Evening Dress # 817| Darlana

Handmade beaded sleeves with crystal on shoulders
76.00 KWD

Beauty Evening Dress # 818| Darlana

Dress with chest straps with a hand-embroidered belt
88.00 KWD

Beautiful View Evening Dress # 821| Darlana

The Dress of French Taffeta fabric with layers of Italian Tull
72.00 KWD

Classic Beauty Evening Dress # 757| Darlana

Dress with a hand embroidered on the shoulders of the lulu
100.00 KWD

Dress Of Femininity and Allure # 835| Darlana

Discover this elegant dress from Darlana fashion in an attractive red color that adds a wonderful and breathtaking look and get inspired with the most amazing and elegant fashion trends.
72.00 KWD

Evening Dress #884

One of the beautiful dresses available in two colors Made From soft Italian taffeta
48.00 KWD

Evening Dress #889

Elegant modern dress from Darlana available pink color made of Italian taffeta
72.00 KWD

Evening Dress #895

An elegant black dress made of French taffeta, embroidered with pearls and crystals, with hand embellishment
72.00 KWD

Model # 848 darlana

Soft dress of the most luxurious French fabric
88.00 KWD

Model # 851 darlana

Evening dress with soft French velvet fabric
72.00 KWD

Dress dar Lana Model 856

Dress for elegance and beauty
88.00 KWD